Michele is a qualified Nurse, Psychotherapist (Psych-K technique), Spinal Flow practitioner and she utilises clinical hypnosis as a supportive treatment protocol.

Michele helps people deal with rejection, procrastination, stress, worry and a multitude of other emotions that cause mental health issues, which in turn makes the body suffer.


What Psychotherapy Techniques are used?

The following Psychology modalities offer a simple, powerful, and effective way to make positive changes within your mind, body and life.

Do you suffer with unhappiness, Stress, Anxiety, Anger, Sadness, Guilt, Fear or a feeling of being stuck?

They work really well for people who are living with stress, anxiety, feeling stuck, unhappy and have emotions such as anger, sadness, guilt, fear, hate and jealousy that are always present and easily triggered. 
Evidence Based Emotional Freedom Technique (EBEFT), Psych-K (Psychological Kinesiology), Time Based Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Clinical Hypnosis, Strategic Psychotherapy & Creatrix Transformology.

We know that being in a constant state of stress is not good for us or anyone close to us and the good news is that we don’t have to stay in any of the above mentioned states when we know how to release and let go of what we’ve been holding on to. 

For the majority of people I work with, once the internal triggers are dealt with, the external circumstances or environment don’t seem anywhere near as bad AND they are able to see solutions much more easily. They also gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to handle the challenges that life will bring in a new and improved way.
The ripple effect of this change has a positive impact on everyone around them and I can’t think of any greater gift to give to yourself and those you love than a better version of yourself. It provides an environment of peace, stability and safety. 
If you would like to let go of your internal struggles to feel the improvement within you and see the improvements in your life, I can help you do this.
Its not hard and it doesn’t take long to achieve. 
What I do is probably very different to anything you’ve experienced before.
It’s practical, effective and it works!
I have been working successfully in this space since 2018 with Women and Teenage Girls who are ready to make change. 

Strategic Psychotherapy is one treatment protocol used to help target unhelpful thought patterns and cognitive distortions and replace them with improved perceptions, skills and strategies that you would prefer to have instead. To amplify the effects of strategic Psychotherapy, I may recommend the use of hypnosis to deliver therapeutic intervention to the subconscious mind.


Psych-K is a simple, powerful and effective modality which allows you to transform stress and change unhelpful beliefs at the sub conscious/unconscious level.

Psych-K uses specific body postures, neuro linguistic programming and kinesiology to allow you to process experiences, emotions, memories and stress in a constructive way. It also makes creating new, beneficial and helpful thought patterns easy.


Spinal Flow technique uses light touch to access points in the dura mater (protective coating of the brain and spinal cord) which attaches onto the sacrum and the cranium. By making contact with these access points, communication is enhanced between the base of the spine and the brain which allows for the blockages in the nervous system to function effectively and the body can return to a healthy state.

Once the access points have been activated and communication opened up with the nervous system, adjustments continue to take place for a period of time after the first treatment.

Issues cannot be expected to resolve in 1 session. For maximum benefit and faster results, I recommend the below schedule of treatment for Spinal Flow Technique. 

What is EFT

Can EFT help you?

EFT can be effective in addressing a range of issues such as pain, physical conditions and their associated emotional impacts, weight loss, weight management and food cravings, phobias, self-sabotage, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorder and more.

What is EFT?
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) uses elements of physical stimulation of acupuncture/meridian points and Cognitive Therapy.


How does EFT work?
When we experience physical, emotional or psychological distress, the memory and stress centre in the brain are activated and our body releases the stress hormone Cortisol in response.
By tapping gently on a sequence of points on the body and using focused attention with guided statements, we create a calming signal that deactivates the stress centre in the brain and rapidly reduces cortisol levels within the body.
This changes the way our brain and body react to triggers moving forward and allows the nervous system to relax, recalibrate and facilitate healing.

Recommended Schedule

1st session 1 hour: 30 min spinal/postural assessment and explanation of findings, then 30 min spinal flow treatment

2nd – 7th session – 30 min spinal flow treatment

8th session – 30 min treatment and reassess.

Michele will be working at the clinic:

Tuesday 9am – 6pm

Wednesday 9am – 3pm

Thursday 9am – 6pm

If you would like to book in with Michele, please click the button below to be taken to our online booking system, or call the clinic on 6583 1449

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